Get A Mezuzah

About Mezuzah

A mezuzah is a symbol of Hashem’s watchful protection over us. It is an encased scroll of parchment that is rolled up and affixed to the doorpost of our homes, serving as a declaration and reminder of our Jewish identity. The Hebrew words of the Shema prayer are handwritten by a Scribe on the inside. On the outside, the Scribe writes one of Hashem’s names: שדי״, an acronym for “Guardian of the doorways of Israel.” A mezuzah is a constant reminder that our day-to-day lives are sustained and protected through Divine blessing.

Divine Protection

“A king of flesh and blood sits inside his palace, while his servants guard him from outside. By contrast, Hashem’s servants sit inside, while Hashem guards them from the outside.”

Divine Design

“Many people think that their success comes from their good fortune. We disagree. We place a mezuzah on the doors of our home to declare that our success comes from a Divine blessing.”